Instinkt Creations

Creative Audio-Visual Ideas

Tools for work

-Video camera


-Green screen

-Cubase & VSTs

-Music instruments

-Microphones list



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David Redinha

What we do

We are a production team that creates different audio-visual projects inspired by the lives and realities we live by and the fantasies that live in our heads. We use different environments from different cultures and countries, different people and ideas. There is an idea, it is noted, filmed, worked on, enhanced with sounds and music. We create or find the stories, we travel, we never stop. We grab a camera, start filming, sometimes with a master plan, sometimes spontaneous. We not always know when a great thing may be born.

What we want

We want to share our projects with others. We want to be able to reach from the lightest to the darkest places in your minds. We want and love to create emotions through our projects and experiences. We want to keep having fun with life, and enjoy it with some creativity.

What is out there

A world to discover. A universe to explore. Paths to travel. Adventures to have. The times to stop. The creativity to master. The people to meet. The places to visit. The ideas to explore. You to be entertained.

Whats with the name

Instinkt Productions sounds good doesnt it? Well, I can say it comes from the idea of the insticts inside us. The name came out of the blue when I was fermenting ideas for videos. Instinct makes sense, somehow, someway. All these birth of ideas come from some instinct one has. So I choose to believe it.

What the hell

Yes we know the world is not all good and beauty. Theres a lot of shit, a lot of suffering, a lot of complications. In no way we want to share with the world, the idea that we know what life is all about, more than anyone else already knows in their own reality. Every person has the view they have and the life they live, and our messages are to remember and imagine parts of it, the good, the bad, the neutral. Everything we say and share, is just another point of view.

What can you do

If you ever have ideas for films, philosophical thoughts, pictures to share with some words, please email us and we will put them on our website or might one day create a new project based on your idea