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David Redinha


So here we are...         

For years I have been creating a list of ideas of things to do, an endless document of neverending ideas, especially ideas for audio-visual projects, and the list was getting bigger and bigger as time passed by and I did nothing. Until one day, I decided to put it into action. Those ideas coming alive transforming into something real, something visible. Good or bad, genius or lame, they are coming out, one by one. Somehow one day I started...

What inspired me? What inspires me to do these things? Life is full of madness and wonders. Sometimes I think to myself, how we get so used to what is around us, to the point that it may lose value because its already there. Through these films I want to be able to remember and increase these feelings, the visions of what is sometimes so obvious, but so entertaining. What inspires me is everything that moves around me, the movements of reality. The ideas, the people, the places, the animals, the differences, the equalities, the horror, the beauty, the love, the hate, the dualities, the contradiction, I could go on forever... Life is so full of everything and nothing. I do hope you enjoy your trip through our projects and hopefully inspires you to somethings.

Since my young age until today, one thing never died inside me, the will to dream, to wonder about the world and the unknown, the feeling of adventure, the endless possibilities that the limitless mind experiences. The infiniteness of everything.

Life is not always easy, and we go through difficult obstacles. But I believe, it is worth living.

So sit back and relax and enjoy our work...