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David Redinha

What a world

In this section we share with you some of the photos we took along our walks around the world. Enjoy.

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When we were children the possibilities were endless. We dreamed, we played with everything, we had no time, we simply lived. There were no worries about anything, we lived in the present. 

Somehow along the way, we forgot to live like that. We started worrying about the present, about the future, about our objectives, about money, about love, about ourselves, about too many things.

I want to remember that it´s possible to go back to that young state, the state of being, instead of the state of projecting. Its possible.

So what is life without the nature? Yes, if we look   at the world very clearly, everything is nature because everything comes from nature. Be it buildings, trees, people, air, and so forth. Its all nature around us. But some parts of nature are definitely more attractive than others. From earth   to civilization. From civilization to earth. This is a great tree.

When I went back to my country Angola, where i had not been back for 27 years, I met this group of kids who, dispite their difficult lives without electricity, without water sometimes, without toys and so many other luxuries many of our kids have in our advanced societies, dispite all this, they shared a state of mind and smiles so inspiring to enjoy and live life.

In some countries, like Cambodia, the   development is so delayed compared to many advanced countries, that there are no bridges   over some rivers. And the only way for cars and people to  pass from one side to another, is by boarding  these small motorized rafts. Even   though bridges are more practical,                       this experience is irreplaceable.

My sister once traveled in Angola, and took an amazing picture. I always enjoyed pictures and paintings with paths, tunnels, and things alike. Not sure why.

Fog as always been attractive to me. It enhances this side of life which is so mysterious, which brings the fear of the unknow, of adventure, of fantasy. So mystical and strange and sometimes scary. What is life without this not knowing, without the mystery, without the fear?

This is one of the most impressive stories of my life and two friends of mine, Alex and Pedro. We were starting our lives in the UK, living in London by the time, and so we got very interested in ghosts.     And one night, after many failed attempts to communicate with spirits, we decided to go looking for them, and this is what happened.                   Here is a link to a short video Pedro has created about the story. O Vulto. One day I´ll tell the whole story.